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Other Services

There are more ways we can help you than painting your house, just like cleaning the exteriors with power wash service, increasing the value of your home by extending your property with a deck, among other things.



Repair & Paint

With a deck you can extend your house to your backyard and enjoy the outside. At the same time, your house probably will increase it's value. You can see more of our projects below.

Exterior of Modern Garage

Epoxy Application

for Garage

Would you like to give a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface to your Garage? Well, we can apply Epoxy to your Garage floors and give you a spectacular view that resists high performance traffic.

White Grey Kitchen

Cabinet Refinishing

in Kitchens or any part of your home

Renew your kitchen with lower budgets by refinishing your actual cabinets. We can help you do wonders and feel happy about your kitchen again and for a long time.

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